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As said earlier - this is not just about a vision of performance. It's about having fun. Knowing that a lot of drivers out there are more haters than performers this might pop one or two threads on the internet forums. These guys haven't got it - at all. It's about creating something of your own, no matter who's tightening the bults.

It's about creating the moment to enjoy. If you like to go fast, do burn outs and just relaxing with your good friends while driving down that open road - then you know what it is all about.

Maybe there is some 350Z owners in Sweden who tried to pull a project like this off, maybe they say they've made it. We are not here to judge - we're here to prove. Hopefully there is an opportunity for race, a chance to put it all to the test. If so - the Nizmo 350Z won't hesitate - get it on!

Racing has never been about carbon panels, Veilside kits or nitro injection - it's about crossing the line as number one.


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