The Mantorp movie

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A day of hope, heat and helicopters

First event - check! Gatebil at Mantorp, Sweden. Just over 30 degrees of heat in the air, close to 60 degrees track temprature. That's madness for a test run - but that's what the Saturday was all about.

We only drove 3 laps - then realizing the car needs some more work before it's ready to performe at peak level, bur remember - this was our first real test run with the car! Back to Turbo Center for some more tweaking and we will be ready for the next event we will show up at!

But what about the helicopteer?, Weel, since the car needed to go back to Sthlm and there was a barbecue planned at the evening in Gothenburg, the best solution was to fly by helicopter to the bbq party. Took us about 66 minutes flying from Mantorp outside of Linköping, to Gothenburg. And what a day to fly on!

It's time to enter the stage

So many hours and has been put into this project, all the way from the first ideas and through out to the last testing done this week. It is a team effort, based on one vision and put together by people who love what they are doing, and are considered to be among the best at it. The car has to work, as simple as that.

Yesterday the car left Turbo Center and is now on a long road trip / test run. Everything works very well so far and we're happy about that. Now it's time to take the 814 horsepower Nizmo 350Z into the action, mildly but still into the heat.

This weekend Gatebil throws of there big event in Sweden, at Mantorp outside of Linköping, and the Nizmo 350Z will be there. On Saturday the car will take on the track for some test runs, to see how it handles out there where the action is.
The forecast speaks about hot weather, maybe as high as above 30 degrees celcius, so the conditions might be tough - even better for a test day on the track.

So if you want to take a closer look and see the car in action, visit Gatebil at Mantorp Park this Saturday!

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