Ok, now we are so close we can almost taste the power! Last week some finishing jobs were done on the car, including the catch tank and some exterior stuff. We are still waiting for the custom made head lights, shipping from USA sometimes seems to be a very difficult task even though they've put a man on the moon...

Maybe - just maybe - it's time for the first event appearance the upcoming weekend. If so it will be the Gatebil track event on Mantorp just outside of Linköping, Sweden. We are not yet sure it's possible but we hope we can go for a powerful test run over there! We'll get back to you about that during the week!

The graph

Here is the graph for you tech guys out there, this is the latest one. It shows the result on the wheels, the engine graph is not yet available. This is some insane numbers! The turbo peaks at 1.6 bar which is not much when you have this amount of power involved.

The specs right now

Performance is a combination of parts, knowledge and testing. This car is no exception, some parts are bought in and others are custom made from scratch. There is no bolt on kit that works this good, as simple as that!

So here's the spec - this time in Swedish :)

Gjutna grenrör från GTM
Garret GT30 turbo (2st)
1200cc spridare
Fuelrail GTM
Bosch bränsletrycksregulatorer (2st)
Dubbla walbro bränslepumpar i armatur från GTM
Fullflödes retur-bränslesystem
Haltech styrsystem
GTM intercooler
Tial wastegate 40mm (2st)
Tial dumpventil 50mm
Oljekylare Setrab
Avgassystemet specialbyggt gjort av 2x3”rostfritt material (1 rör per motorsida, V6)
Specialbyggt insug
JE kolvar
Carillo vevstakar
Toppackning, flerlagers stålpackning
Ventilfjädrar och titanretainers från Ferrea.
Flödesoptimerade topplock
Cosworth kamaxlar
Cosworth insug för överladdning
Ombyggt bränslesystem till fullflödes retursystem
Upgraderad vevhusventillation
Carillo vevstakar
Toppackning, flerlagers stålpackning
Ventilfjädrar och titanretainers från Ferrea.
Flödesoptimerade topplock
Cosworth kamaxlar
Uppgraderad vevhusventillation

Then of course, a lot of details modified not listed here... =)

Good day to own a 350Z

Well, at least for us - the Nizmo 350Z project. Why? Today the car was up in the dyno again. Some more tuning done the last 24 hours and a new test today.

This time the car delivered.... 814 hp and 1060 Nm!!!!! What about that! That's insane dude! And what a curve - Turbo Center has removed all the drops between 3800 rpm - to the end! Meaning the car now has full effect from just above 4000 rpm! Anyone got more power than that in a 350Z then let us know!

This calls for a Top Gear spot, right!!!

This week

Picture by Dan, Turbo Center Stockholm.

A new week, and the team at Turbo Center are up and running again. Lot's of things to do, the list is long in the quest of brutal street performance.

Another upgrade, this time it's the new drive shafts - performance needs high quality racing ds. This is a weak link and we had to do something about it. These new ones are shipped från the states and during the first test they really performed well! 

This is insane!

Picture by Dan, Turbo Center Stockholm.

Ok, this is just what this project is about. Do you know what this is? Take a closer look att the lid, that'll tell you!
When there is no room left for the windshield washer fluid container you just have to custom build a new one, right! That´'s what we've done.

This custom built container now sits in the front a bit higher up an is a bit smaller than the original one - insane right!

Told ya'!

Never been any doubt this project is about perfomance, right! It's about horsepower and torque - as simple as that! This weeks the project and team at Turbo Center has made a lot of progress and by friday the car delivered just above 600 horsepower and 820 Nm on the wheels during a test run in the dyno - on the wheels man! We just love it and there is much more to come!

What's this fuzz about carbon?

Picture by Dan, Turbo Center Stockholm.

Ok, so we had a carbon intake, so what! Ok, it broke to pieces during the tests, so what! Then you just have got to build a new one - an even better one!

So, this is the new intake - custom made to stand the huge amout of pressure changes that this amount of power ends up with. Custom built by Turbo Center using parts from a Cosworth intake. This one stands the test, take our word for it!

The new rims

Picture by Dan, Turbo Center Stockholm.

Here they are! The new rims running this season. Smoken' fresh picture from Turbo Center! Do you know the make and model? Before we tell you that we'll leave som room for you guys to guess! Let's just say these are not heavy at all!

And of course, fitted with Toyo tires - racing it is!


The car is still not ready to hit the road. The new gear box has to be installed and some programming has to be done before it's time to start enter events. We can not yet say when the first event including the car will take place but we hope it is pretty soon.

The car will show up at all kinds of shows and events, but the priority is of course when there's a possibility to drive, like track days, drifting manias and maybe Action Meet...

The dp (director of photography)

To make all of this availible for you the project is using OEP Media to produce film and photos. This ensures a professional production level throught out the project - all so that you can join in whenever you want and experience high quality, high def video and great photos.

Behind the scenes - part 1

If your internet is to slow for 1080p - change the quality to a lower value using the video controls below the clip.

Custom built

Before anyone goes bahoo about the rims on the car - just wait! Now there's a set of pro rims waiting to be fitted on the car, any day now. Also there are two custom built headlights shipping half way across the world right now. Headlights completely custom built from scratch including some awesome features...

What it's about

As said earlier - this is not just about a vision of performance. It's about having fun. Knowing that a lot of drivers out there are more haters than performers this might pop one or two threads on the internet forums. These guys haven't got it - at all. It's about creating something of your own, no matter who's tightening the bults.

It's about creating the moment to enjoy. If you like to go fast, do burn outs and just relaxing with your good friends while driving down that open road - then you know what it is all about.

Maybe there is some 350Z owners in Sweden who tried to pull a project like this off, maybe they say they've made it. We are not here to judge - we're here to prove. Hopefully there is an opportunity for race, a chance to put it all to the test. If so - the Nizmo 350Z won't hesitate - get it on!

Racing has never been about carbon panels, Veilside kits or nitro injection - it's about crossing the line as number one.

The story has just begun

Engine performance

goal in this project is not only to create an extremly powerful car but also to create a combination of performance parts that work all together - and doesn't stop working. We can't have a car that brakes down or goes into failure mode when it is pushed to the limit.

The team responsible for the performace is Turbo Center Stockholm. They have long experience in the art of performance cars, yes it can really be seen as an art. There is so much that can go wrong when releasing the huge amount of power and torque that a car like this i capable of.

Turbo Center Stockholm are one of - if not the most - well known Swedish performance shop, simply because they make performance work. It's not about who has the most power on paper - it's about delivering at the top of the game during the minutes that counts. On the track, during drifting or during a show.

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