The Nizmo 350Z project

Join us in this vision, this dream of pure street performance. It's not just about tuning a car, it's more than that. It is about joining ideas from all over the world into one car. That's the Nizmo 350Z project.

It's run by Jim, the man behind all of this. The man with the vision and the love for perfomance and quality. Behind him stands a team of experts who all are devoted to making this dream real - to ensure quality and not just making it another styling project with too much talk and way too little performance.

The why
This is simply a vision of pure street perfomance. The vision of building a car with power beyond all reason - and that works. Many have tried and many can asure that it ain't easy.
The project has been running since 2008 - but now it's time to show what has been done. What this is all about. The dream and the vision coming together.

We are not just dedicated to the making of this car - we are also as devoted to making it availible for you. We will do this because the project has a lot of followers, all over the world. We want even more people to be able to take part in what is going on with this. It's simply a very exciting car.

The team
As much as this is about a car, it's also about the people behind this project. A thing like this can never be a one man show. That simply is not possible. When so much has to come together, sometimes very complex aspects, a project needs experts.
During the season we will introduce you to the guys behind the making of all of this. We'll save that for now. Let´s just say that this is a Swedish project including an asian car.

We are not trying to make this bigger than it is - we are showing you how big this actually is...

Over and out for now!

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