Ok, now we are so close we can almost taste the power! Last week some finishing jobs were done on the car, including the catch tank and some exterior stuff. We are still waiting for the custom made head lights, shipping from USA sometimes seems to be a very difficult task even though they've put a man on the moon...

Maybe - just maybe - it's time for the first event appearance the upcoming weekend. If so it will be the Gatebil track event on Mantorp just outside of Linköping, Sweden. We are not yet sure it's possible but we hope we can go for a powerful test run over there! We'll get back to you about that during the week!

Posted by: Simon

Följer detta projekt till max.

2010-06-27 @ 13:42:43
Posted by: FreddeM

Sååå jädra grymt projekt!!!!

2010-06-27 @ 15:29:23

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