Good day to own a 350Z

Well, at least for us - the Nizmo 350Z project. Why? Today the car was up in the dyno again. Some more tuning done the last 24 hours and a new test today.

This time the car delivered.... 814 hp and 1060 Nm!!!!! What about that! That's insane dude! And what a curve - Turbo Center has removed all the drops between 3800 rpm - to the end! Meaning the car now has full effect from just above 4000 rpm! Anyone got more power than that in a 350Z then let us know!

This calls for a Top Gear spot, right!!!

Posted by: Andreas

sjukt..... kommer bli hur bra som helst. bra jobbat Dan å co.

2010-06-17 @ 14:38:30

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